Prevent Local from updating to 4.8 on open

Like many other people, I’ve lost code that was embedded in the “old” text widget, prior to the update to 4.8. In order to get that info back, I downloaded a pre-4.8 version of my website and created a site with it using Local. Unfortunately, when I try and open it, Local wants to update my database, and there is no way around it. Can you tell me some way to open my imported website without updating the database at the same time? I will probably have to do this for several sites. (I have the latest version of Local.)

Hi Fran,

If you’re importing the site it won’t automatically update it unless you’re only importing wp-content and the SQL database.

If you’re creating a new site, you’ll need to wipe out all of the files except for wp-config.php and then copy in the pre-4.8 files.

Thanks, Clay. I pretty sure I am importing the whole site. I downloaded the site from Flywheel and then dragged the zip file over to Local and dropped it in order to create it. When I click Admin in Local, it opens the site in a browser, but before it gets to the site, it gives me the message to update the db, and I have no choices.

Aha, if it’s from Flywheel then it will only have wp-content and an sql file.

One thing you can do is unzip the backup and then in the files directory you can unzip the previous version of WordPress into it.

Then, re-zip that folder up containing files and the sql file and import it with Local.

haha, Clay, you might be overestimating my abilities! Where would I get the previous version of WordPress to put into the zip file?

Here you go :slight_smile:

So to recap here’s what you can do:

  1. Unzip the Flywheel backup
  2. Go into the files directory in the Flywheel backup folder
  3. Copy in the files from the downloaded WordPress zip (make sure you extract this one as well)
  4. Right-click on the Flywheel backup folder and then click on “Compress”. This will create a new zip that you can import

Thanks, Clay! I’m sure I can handle that. :slight_smile: