Database rewrite issue when pushing to WP Engine

When I push one of my sites from Local to WP Engine, it doesn’t rewrite the URLs in the database like it should. This issue is isolated to one particular website and specifically to do with the rewriting of URLs in the database. I know this because:

  1. All my other sites push and pull to/from WP Engine with no trouble
  2. I can push this site without the “Include database” option ticked and it works fine.

Can someone help me with this please?


Hey @mikehatcher! Thanks for joining the Local community.

Are all paths not being re-written or is it limited to some paths? Since there are several methods of encoding paths, such as escape patterns, it will be really helpful to try to zero in on what is happening for this specific site.

It sounds like you’ve verified that the paths are still in the database, so we can hopefully rule out plugins/themes that cache CSS in static files (which will definitely create issues when migrating to different environments). Do these paths happen to escape slashes, like https:\/\/\/ or any other sort of pattern?

Can you please provide your local-lightning.log file (older versions would be local-by-flywheel.log)?

See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so > How do I retrieve Local’s Log?

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