Push/Pull database only to/from flywheel

would be nice to just grab the database.

I’m surprised this doesn’t have more responses.

I always develop locally, but create content on my clients production sites. My workflow is such that I always push out code from here, and pull in content from there.

By pulling in content, I can test changes before I push them live. I can’t pull in content with Local however, and have to use WP Migrate DB, because Local would overwrite all the file changes I’ve made.

There’s an option to exclude the database. Please also include an option to alternatively exclude the files and just transfer the database!

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I realize this is a really old thread, but this is something that would be super useful, especially now that WP Engine transfer is supported. We use WP Engine’s git push integration to push our files up, but being able to pull down and automatically rewrite the URLs in the database would be such a big timesaver. It’s already happening in a full site pull, so just giving an option to only pull the database would be fantastic.

Even better would be the option to push/pull just the database and also just the uploads folder, as the uploads folder is not part of our version control (and is not supported by git push in WP Engine).

I completely agree with @ytfeldrawkcab. I’m using to using the WP CLI for pushing/pulling my database and uploads. Now that I’ve switched to using Local and WP Engine, I’m really missing that feature.

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A must-have feature

Came here from Google. What worked for me is deselecting all pulling files but checking “include database” and pull. This only pulls the database and performs siteurl-replacement as expected.