Database tab stucked at loading

I’m using Local 5.4.2+3383 on Windows 10 and after that update, for some reason the tab that shows the database just have the loading animation. And the data for it never ends. I can connect to the dartabase thru adminer. But when trying to connect to the database thru Mysql workbench or phpStorm i’m getting timeout errors.
Some of the connection I had already set up I can still connect to thru phpStorm but not mysql Workbench. But all new sites I set up I can only view the database thru adminer, not any other mysql program.
See the screenshot how it looks: local-database

Hi there Samuel!

Can you try going back and using 5.4.1 version instead and see if that fixes your issue?

I was having the same issue with 5.4.2. Downgrading to 5.4.1 did resolve the issue for me. There were JS errors with 5.4.2, and the significant message may have been this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Local\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@sentry\utils\dist\instrument.js:104 Error: Invalid package C:\C:\Program Files (x86)\Local\resources\app.asar

For whatever reason, there are two C\C:\ in the path.

Yeh, an rollback to 5.4.1 did resolve the problem. And also another problem with the mailhog, thanks for answer :slight_smile:

Awesome! We are going to take a look at those issues that were in 5.4.2.

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