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Default new site domain

It would be great if the default new site domain that is generated from the site title did not include dashes.

example: Site with title “My Site” would have the default domain name mysite.local instead of my-site.local.

It is much more common for domain names to only include alphanumeric characters, so domain names without dashes are a preferable default. This would also more often support a push/pull workflow using the same base domain name in local and on a remote production server.

example: Production site “My Site” is on Flywheel at domain mysite.com. I create “My Site” in Local with the intention of pulling the production site, and want the local domain name to be mysite.local.

Hello @viewpointdigital :wave:

Thank you for providing this feature request! I’ll be sure to share it with the Local engineering team.

We appreciate you!