Site name bug?

Hi there sometimes, when I create a site like abc.local, Local decides to change the site name to abclocal.local or some such. I need to then manually change the site name. Why is that? Is it a bug or am I missing something?
Here is a quick video of what I mean

Hi @ramnathk,

Thanks for the video!

The Site Name input isn’t meant to include the entire Local site domain. Instead, it’s supposed to be something like “ABC” while the site domain is “abc.local”.

If you open up “Advanced Options” below the Site Name input, you can customize the site domain during site creation.

I totally get that i can change it from the ‘advanced’ section Clay. It is just inconsistent that the name turns into something I did not specify. Not a blocker, just an annoyance

Understandable! I honestly haven’t seen this use case pop up but I can see how it’d be a handy shortcut.

I’ve added a note to our backlog to look into possibly adding a check to use the site name as the site domain if it matches the correct pattern.

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