DELETE FOLDER AppData\Roaming\Local\run\


I want to know if I can securely delete the run folder hosted at


Because it is taking up a lot of space on my hard disk.


Hi @franfal

Please back up, export or save your site files before deleting anything. After that you should be okay to remove this but using Local and Starting sites again will generate more of them.

How much space is this taking up for you?

Hello Nick-B,

I have exactly the same problem. The website I transferred to Local (it have 2 GB) to test and debug the update has accumulated 95 GB in the ‘run’ folder within 2 days. That seems like a lot to me. Almost the entire size is in 105 x mysql/data/binlog.0000 files

Hi @PeterB

We had a similar thread over here where one of our users @emmtre provided a lot of great troubleshooting detail that should help you out:

Hello Nick-B

Thank you for the info, I’ve read this, but I didn’t gain much wisdom from it. Normally, those files are within a reasonable range, but 95GB in 2 days seems off to me, so I joined this thread. This issue is only with this site and just now. I only have sites in Local where I do maintenance, and the constant uploading and moving take a lot of time (normally, I only have the site I’m working on running)… especially if there’s a fix or adjustment that only takes a few minutes, but I need to test it locally before deploying, and also, all my sites are through GitHub, so I have to make those adjustments locally.

Hi @PeterB

Is this a new site you just imported or started working on in Local? Or was it normal for awhile until this suddenly started?

If you clone or export/re-import the site does the behavior persist on the new copy?