Deleted site?

I spent all day yesterday building a site in Local. I shut it down, created a new site from a blueprint and guess what? The other site vanished. It’s not in the local site folder. It’s not in the Local UI either.

What the heck happened here?

Hi @pyfooty

Have you tried manually searching the files and folders to see if it got shifted somewhere?

Did your machine go through any updates?

It’s tough to say what happened. Local wouldn’t automatically delete the site unless it got overwritten or deleted through some other action accidentally.

Did you back up the site anywhere? For future reference, there a couple of easy ways to back up Local sites like using our Cloud Backups add on or just exporting and saving a zip copy.

Cloud Backups

Backup A Local Site

Depending on your OS you might be able to use a time machine type backup to retrieve your work.

I’ve searched my machine and local sites folder and there is nothing for the site name I created.

I didn’t back up the site because I just created it yesterday and didn’t think it would be deleted between working sessions…

In the last day did your machine or Local go through any updates?

Could you provide some more details to help us take a further look?

  • What is your OS?

  • What version of Local are you on?

  • Please attach a copy of your Local Logs

No updates. Mac Studio Sonoma 14.0

Local Version 8.2.0+6554 (32.8 KB)

“Haulin’ Ash”,“path”:“/Users/cosmodrome/Local Sites/haulin-ash” this site that appears in the logs no longer exists in the Local Sites folder.

yooo I found the site folder in the TRASH so I added it back to the Local Sites folder…it wouldn’t show up in Local, so when I closed Local and reopened it tried to delete the folder again (came up with an error saying the folder with the same name already existed in the trash…).

Not sure what to do at this point because it won’t show in local when I try to add it back and it attempts to delete it as well.

Your statement that Local definitely wouldn’t delete anything is false and needs to be addressed by the developers.

Hi @pyfooty

Instead of re-adding it to the Local Sites folder can you manually import it back into Local and use a slightly different site name?

That’s what I had to do. Crazy the program deletes folders on quit, yikes. I’ll be moving away from using Local.

Hi @pyfooty

We understand the need to do what is best for your work. We haven’t been able to replicate this behavior or received any widespread reports from other users. I’m sure if Local was deleting everyone’s sites on quit we’d be hearing quite a bit of feedback!

Taking a look at your Logs I see what looks to be a port conflict. So it’s possible something else on your machine was interfering with Local. For example other dev programs like MAMP, XAMPP, or Docker or antivirus, security, and firewall applications.

More details about troubleshooting this here: Router Mode

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