My client site is gone and the public folder is empty

What kind of an app is this?
I keep getting the 505 errors and have to re-create a site and copy paste the whole public folder. I was managing as is but now it bloody wiped a client site’s public folder clean. Wth is wrong with this app?

every other day it would give a

connect() failed (10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it) while connecting to upstream

I didnt keep a backup as this was local on my machine Is there any way I can get the data back?

Hi @khanshop2018

Thank you for trying out Local! Sorry that you’ve run into some trouble.

If you didn’t make a backup of the site and can’t find the files anywhere on your machine it’s possible they are gone unless you utilize something like Time Machine.

For future development, we recommend backing up sites with our Cloud Backups feature -Cloud Backups - Local

Are you running any other developer applications simultaneously? Do you have any security or firewall applications that could be trying to manage Local?

Also what OS are you running?

Can you share a copy of your Local Log?

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