Local Sites folder deleted

So, today I was working on one of my clients sites.

I refresh the page and get a 404 error. I go to work out what is up – have a poke around in the backend files – and there is nothing there…

The whole of my Local Sites folder has been deleted without me touching it. I cannot find any files or backups anywhere on my computer (where are the backups that it says it’s been making?)

Any suggestions for this? I can’t believe the whole folder has been deleted like this – surely this is something that should be protected against? It’s in the trash or anything, has been completely deleted


Wow, that is real unfortunate. Could this have been an accident? If you are on a Mac, do you have Time Machine enabled? Maybe you could restore from a Time Machine backup? Any other backups? Local doesn’t currently handle file backups at this time.

I wonder if you have anti-virus software installed if the file system quarantine might need to be checked?

Just some thoughts for you. I’m sorry you ran into this …