Deleting folder contents on wp-engine sync

Hi, So excited about the new wp-engine sync feature.

I have a “dev” folder in my theme folder which contains my build tasks and node modules etc.

When I pull down from wp-engine it wipes everything out except node_modules.

Any idea why?

Hey @dbox, welcome to the Forums! We’re pretty excited about connecting to WP Engine too!

A couple of things that would help us understand what’s going on:

  • Can you provide a screenshot of the folder and file structure of the theme folder? (include the dev folder)
  • Can you also check to see what files are on the remote site? I’m wondering what differences exist.

For your general knowledge, we do exclude the node_modules folder during Local Connect events – because of this, it’s a good idea to have some sort of build process in place so that all the various assets are compiled and put into place.

Wow Thanks so much for the quick response. I’m trying one thing quickly then I’ll get you those images. Very possible its user error on my part.

@ben.turner I think the main issue might be conflicts on what’s getting synced through git/npm vs whats getting synced through local connect.

Is there a guide on how we should set up our repos so that one-click syncing plays nicely with builds with git and npm?

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