Demo URL Keeps on Changing

Hi there,

New to using local and hoping I missing something ref the Demo URL

Every time I restart my Mac the Demo URL is no longer enabled. If I activate is again the Demo URL is different.
This means I have re email my client giving them a different url which isn’t great and they are getting a bit fed up with it as they have had over 6 so far and the project build is only in its infancy.

Is there a way of keeping the same Demo URL?

Many thanks, Pete

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Hey Pete,

The demo URLs change every time you re-enable it.

Permanent/custom demo URLs will be coming in Local Pro :slight_smile:

Hey Clay,

Thanks for your reply.
Hmmm that’s not great at all.

Means we can’t use Local and will go back to using sub domains on a live server.
We can’t continually send new demo URL’s all the time, the client isn’t happy with this.

Any idea on when Pro is coming out? Would def be worth paying something to have this issue resolved.

Many thanks, Pete

Hey guys. I’m having the same issue as well. I’ll give my client the URL to test the site during the day… when they look at night it no longer exists! Any fix or pro version I would be up for as well like Pete. Thanks!

I’m having the same issue. Every time I exit my Local app on my computer or shut my computer down the Demo URL disables itself and then the client can review it. So I have to have my computer and the local app up and running 24/7 in order for it to be accessible.

Is there a way around this? I’d like my clients to have access to the Demo URL regardless if my computer is on or not.

Any guidance would be great! Thanks!

Hi Katie,

From what I have read and seen on this forum there is no way round this which is very frustrating. We did the same as you for a while, leaving our systems running 24/7 however this was unworkable.

We’ve given up using this system and gone back to using sub domains which isn’t great. At least the URL remains the same for the client which is the main thing.

Apparently Pro will solve this issue however no news on when this will be available.

Regards, Pete

Thank you, Pete! That’s really unfortunate to learn. I was hoping I was missing a setting somewhere. I’m surprised it’s not a bigger issue for others. For now I’ll just have to leave things up and running and see how long that will suffice before the Pro comes out.

Thanks again!

Demo URLs are for tunneling to your local installation for these situations (but not limited to):

  1. Phone calls with your client
  2. Testing your site on a mobile device
  3. Chatting with your client over IM or e-mail and giving them the link

We expect the Pro version will allow you to have custom Demo URLs so they don’t change every time you re-enable the Demo URL. Your computer will have to be running.

If you want it to last longer and to not require your computer to be running then you’ll need to push it to a hosting environment such as Flywheel Staging.

I’ve been looking for the “hook” and I just found it.
No free rides in this world, folks. The Flywheel folks need to eat as well and this is one of the features which will move people like me to a paid version. The big question that I will have is: will the standalone product be price-competitive with MAMP Pro or will there be a constant push to host with Flywheel?

Is there an estimated delivery date for the PRO version local Flywheel with pricing?