Dev Mode and Live Link

  1. What happens when dev mode is on or off?
  2. Having error messages when using live link in a Chrome and Safari (I am using Firefox)

I have the same question.

I’ve looked around the forums and found that Dev Mode for the preferred environment turns the varnish cache on and off.

Dev mode on = Cache off.

Are you still having issues using live links?

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Can you share the error that you’re running into with Live Links?


Are you running into an issue with Live LInks, Dev Mode, or both?


Hi there,

I am new for the app Local by Flywheel, so I am still learning, however, when I searched the PDF manual which provided by the installation process of the app, I don’t see much searched result in regard to “Dev Mode” or “Live Link”, that becomes an issue, especially for a new user of Local like me. Could you share me some online document which explaining about the mentioned terms? Thanks.

BTW, is there a particular reason why my account was set On Hold?