How do you enable dev mode for a site

Hi, just noticed dev mode is currently enabled on just one of my sites. While I dearly need the option for all my sites, and have toggled it on in the general settings, I don’t see the tab on my other sites, nor do I see that dev mode is currently set to on for these other sites.

Is this a bug or is there a way around it.


Hi @kbooshco,

Dev Mode is only available for sites running the “Preferred” environment.

If the option isn’t there, then the site is using the “Custom” environment and doesn’t need the toggle since “Custom” doesn’t have the Varnish caching layer.

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O, ok. That does it. Thanks, then.

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Hi @clay, Dev Mode is a Pro feature or not? I running sites on Preferred environment and i don’t see the toggle Dev Mode option, and my sites are running with cache and i can’t disable. I using Divi theme on wordpress and i can’t see the changes i made on localhost environment.

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