Live Link Question

Hello, why is my live link shared with you not working for my customer?

Hi @balazirealba

I’ve moved your question to its own post here to keep things fresh.

Could you expand on what isn’t working? Is the link not opening at all or does it have formatting issues?

If it’s not opening for them at all, do you still have Local open and running on your machine when you share the Live Link? It will only work while your Local app is running and the site is started.

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

Thank you for caring about me. I shared the link several times while my local was open. I have three websites in my local ; two of them have no issues with their live links, but the other’s link is not opening for my client to visit the site. Kindly help me because my customer is unhappy about not visiting his site. kind regards.

Are the other websites stopped when you’re attempting to use Live Links for the third site?

Are you able to open your own Live Link if you check it in a different browser or incognito window?

As another workaround, if you’re still having trouble, you could try pushing the site up to a Demo so your client can see it. Flywheel offers free 14 day Demos that you could test out: Demo Site

I’m trying to open it too but not opening the Live link.

If you can’t open it either then there might be something on your machine that is blocking it. You could try doing a full shut down or restart and then open Local back up, start the site and Live Links and see if it works again.

Make sure you don’t have any antivirus, security or firewall systems that could be blocking, or other developer applications. If you’re using a VPN you could try toggling that to see if it makes a difference.

see the error message.

Hi @balazirealba

Live Links is not available while using LocalHost mode. If you change your Router Mode to Site Domains are you able to proceed? Preferences>Advanced>Router Mode>Site Domains

Thank you for letting me try this instruction. I’ve restarted the PC several times, sir.

I have a website domain from Godady.

There isn’t anything you would need from GoDaddy in order to use Local or Live Link since this isn’t a hosted, publicly available site.

Did you see my comment here?

Yes I saw the comment, I’m still brainstorming it, sir!

I am confused about where to get this setting to change the promoter mode to site mode, kindly help me with the guidelines

If you click on your Profile icon in the upper left hand corner of your Local app you should see an option for Preferences and then from there you go to Advanced>Router Mode>Site Domains

Thank you, sir.

Since I changed the Router mode from local to site domain, I got another error saying that “missing host entry. This site may be inaccessible.”

Hi @balazirealba

Please try these steps:

  • Stop all your sites
  • Quit Local
  • Restart your machine
  • Open Local back up
  • Start your site and try enabling Live Link again

Still, it cannot work, sir.

Can you try loading the live link in a different browser, incognito window, or on your phone or a device using LTE data instead of WiFi?