Disable auto start on site provision

I have looked around a bit, so I am going to make this a feature request. If it is covered someplace I have not found yet, please let me know.

When provisioning a new site in Local, it will auto start when completed. I would like to have a way to disable that function. For two reasons:

  1. I may not want the site started at that time (feature request)
  2. When autostarted, I seem to keep getting a Request Error #500. Stopping and then restarting clears that up. (Possible bug)

Thank you.

Thanks for the feature request!

Definitely a bug in this case.

What Environment (and web server) is this happening on?

Platform is Win 10 Pro.
Site: Apache, PHP 7.2.0, MySQL 5.6.34, WordPress 4.9.7. Local Environment 1.3.0. Browser is Firefox.

EDIT: Local version is 2.3.2

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Any movement on finding a fix?