Divi visual builder not working on home page

I tried a couple themes by Elegant Themes (Foxy and Divi), and also installed the Divi Builder plug-in (which is supposed to work with any theme), and am having an issue. Divi is supposed to give me a drag n drop builder on the homepage (and all pages) to work with, which is called “Visual Builder”:

However, when I am viewing the home page in Flywheel, the “Enable Visual Builder” button is not there. It is there when I go to another page, however. I need to have the visual builder in my home page.

I’m new to Flywheel - but have used Divi (both the theme and the plugin) on another website development without an issue.
please help :slight_smile:

Hi i have the same problem, did you figure it out.

I got the same problem. Did you final find a solution?

Please help.

I also use a lot Divi and I do not experience this problem.
In general, with Divi, as soon as something does not work as expected, I empty the browser cache: that solves the problems.