Is there an issue using the Divi Builder editor interface with local.getflywheel? Using v3.0.2 /

The Divi builder user interface in not working in the WP editor. Able to use the visual builder on the page but not able to use that same Divi interface in the editor…i see divi code instead. It seems others are meetng with some success and have not read evidence of my particular problem… Any suggestions on how i might get the interface to work properly?

That is the Gutenberg editor interface. I stopped using Divi a while ago (long story), but take a look here:

The classic editor plugin they mention I use on a lot of sites to prevent the confusion -

Best of luck and happy holidays.

Thanks lkoudal you saved me alot of aggrevation…now & later as not on 5.0 yet
Likewise Happy Holidays to you and anybody reading!

btw…maybe a short story of why you don’t use Divi anymore?

Glad I could save you some frustration :slight_smile: I really liked Divi to begin with, but I have experienced many many conflicts with different plugins and the smooth editor I first experienced has become bloated and inefficient.

These days I usually go for the Astra theme (Pro) with Beaver Builder - and if I am not building a custom solution.