Docker for Windows

Any plans to use Docker for Windows instead boot2docker and Virtualbox?

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We heavily looked into (and tried) using Hyper-V but it requires escalated privileges to do something as simple as checking the state of the VM.

We’ll keep this on our radar but no promises for now :slight_smile:


except that you don’t need to care about hyper-v. docker for windows handles that. why do you care what hypervisor docker is running under when the api and cli works the same regardless?!


Docker for Windows is only available for Windows 10 Pro.

yes, it is. which is why you shouldn’t care about “what” docker is on the system, and just use whatever is there. Non pro users will be running docker, pro users will be running docker. Why do you insist on differentiating between them when the docker cli and api will work regardless?!

Lots of things require escalated privileges, and maybe professional software developers aren’t the target market but I use docker for windows and hyper-v already, i’m not going to keep a second boot image just to use local. I run lots of tools as admin, running local as admin isn’t really a barrier to use. Theoretically if you are using docker you don’t have to interact with hyper-v at all, as docker already runs with the appropriate privileges and manages the hyper-v/moby image by itself.

All I really want is for the installer to check and see if docker is installed already, and skip the virtualbox/vagrant requirement of the installation.


Agree with the above. Docker on Windows would be great - I use it already and don’t want to uninstall to use VirtualBox which when I last checked the IO was terribly slow.

Local looks a great app by the way, shame I’ve been unable to try it out and back to using Laradock.

Out of curiosity, I recreated a somewhat plugin-heavy client site on Docker for Mac the other day, using jwilder/nginx-proxy docker image, and tested working in the backend.

Simple operations were between 1.5 and 2 times slower than LbF 2.3.2, and the Docker VM used around 1.7GB RAM – about the same as LbF (set to 2 GB RAM max).

If using Docker for Mac or Windows would make LbF slower, not faster, and not that much leaner, I’m not sure I’m quite as enthusiastic about it as I used to be.

Just FYI, this leaves Local entirely unusable by anyone on Windows Pro who uses Docker. This shouldn’t be shrugged off.

I was using Local, installed Docker for windows because I need for other stuff, and then I got with Local not working anymore.

This feature is really a must.

this leaves Local entirely unusable by anyone on Windows Pro who uses Docker.

This is a huge deal. I used to use Local a lot, but now I have to use Docker as well for other projects - leaving Local completely unusable. There really needs to be some sort of fix for this.