Use existing Docker installs

Now that you’ve switched to using the Docker API instead of CLI, can you pretty please make it so the installer checks for Docker to respond on the host first and skips the Docker/VirtualBox install? This should allow those of us with Windows 10 Pro (or Windows Server 2016) to leverage the native Docker/Hyper-V integration. It still runs the Linux base VM just like the VirtualBox one does and uses all the same API calls to manage them.

This would open up a world of options for corporate developers who run Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise and use Hyper-V for other lab related uses.

I really don’t understand why everyone who builds a docker-using development environment package insists on shipping their own boot2docker image rather than letting the user decide which docker system they want to use. As the local by flywheel app is really an electron app then it should be OS agnostic, but because they insist on using their own docker build and boot2docker image they’ve been unable to support linux hosts. This is really backwards and completely defies explanation when docker is supposed to allow integrators to forget about how docker operates and just use the api/cli. But by shipping their own version they are breaking the compatibility that docker is supposed to allow. It’s not just flywheel doing this, the other WordPress dev environments using docker are doing it the same way. Crazystupid!

yup, exactly! The installer should check for docker FIRST, then prompt to install vagrant if docker isn’t already configured and running, either on my own vagrant setup OR on a hyper-v / docker for windows install. (NOT windows containers, just docker on windows)

Now that Microsoft is going to release a full Linux kernel as part of Windows 10, can we PLEASE get Local decoupled from VirtualBox? All you need to do is validate that docker is available and simply skip the VBox install.