Does the DNS masking work serverside on local websites?

The DNS masking stuff that works for the host does not appear to be setup inside the machines which run each website. Can this be done, e.g. call website1.local from website2.local from website2’s server?

I tried adding website1.local to website2.local hosts file but it didn’t work, or I didn’t know what IP to use. Boot2docker doesn’t come with the normal tools to get what IP I should point to so I tried and … you can imagine networking is a mystery to me.

I am trying to test webmentions between blogs and I thought the easy management would save me from setting up separate WPs in the wild :slight_smile:

Hi @andraganescu,

So long as both websites are marked as “running” within the Local dashboard, you should be able to load assets from one site onto the other, or link between the sites by simply using the “website.local” domain provided.

I’m not as familiar with webmentions, but to my knowledge it should work to get webmentions running between two .local sites successfully! Are there any specific errors you’re running into that we could take a look at?

Hi @tyler,

Thank you for the reply. Your answer made me look better and the problem is that wp_safe_remote_get drops https://dans-indie-blog.local as invalid URL.

Changing to wp_remote_get the problem changes to cUrl giving up because it’s a self signed certificate :smiley:

I’ll figure it out but the certificate error made me see that DNS works in the host as well. Thank you for your time!

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