Duplicate site and import in to new Local WP site

Hi there
What is the easiest way to duplicate a WP site and import it into Local. It is a trial site I originally made Locally hosted in XAMMP but want to migrate to Local

Hi scottyshere,
Bit late to the party, but I just spotted your question. If you are still around, we use the All In One Migration plugin to migrate websites from one WP install to another. Free version works great for small sites, less than 500mb from memory, but for larger sites you need the premium Unlimited plugin. We use the premium version and have safely migrated websites up to 4gb!

Terry Chadban

Local is pretty good about being able to import most site backups. As long as you have a zip file that contains the wp-content folder along with a database dump, all you need to do is drag and drop the zip file onto local.

Take a look at this help for more information:

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