From another local server to Local

Is this possible to import sites already created on another local server (Nomad WP on Windows under Apache 2.4.25, Mysql 5.6.25, Phpmyadmin, PHP 5.6.21, JAVA jre1.8.0_91, Wordpress 4.7) on your App local? If yes, how can I do that?

Is it possible to copy the sites on USB key to show customers?

When the sites will be ready, is it possible in an easy way to migrate them online and how can I do that?

What is the price of premium version?

Thank you very much to you all

Hi @mar,

The best way is to use a plugin such as Duplicator to export from your existing setup. Then you can drop the Duplicator package .zip onto Local to import it.

Hi Clay,
Thank you for your answer.
So Duplicator will really allow me to migrate my sites located on my former local server under Windows, towards Local on Mac? I’ve had a quick look on Duplicator’s informations, it seem quite difficult to me…

Is it possible to record websites developed on Local on USB key?
And how much does the premium version costs? Is someone using the premium version can bring his review about it?
Thank you very much, have a nice afternoon.:wink: