[Elementor Theme] Local Is Not Showing My Hero Image

Hey, Im using local by flywheel to host my websites on my local machine, but theirs a problem I am having with local by flywheel. The problem I’m having is that on my websites I can’t see my hero/jumbo picture on my landing pages under my header. If you would like to see what I mean i will send you a link of a practice website I have so that you can see the problem. Underneath my header theirs supposed to be a hero/jumbo picture on my landing page under the header it doesn’t show on mobile devices, but it shows on pc when i use local. here is the link: http://10d11e82.ngrok.io

it shows on pc, but not on mobile devices how can I fix this?

Hi @FlexBusinessDesigns,

By not showing on mobile devices, do you mean not in the tunnel?

Are there any CSS breakpoints that you know of that would be causing this?


What is Tunnel? And not sure I’m just using WordPress to make the site everything works perfect on a pc but when you go to the site on a mobile phone the hero image doesn’t show. I’m usuing the live link you guys provide in local.

I have this problem too. I view the Live Link on my I pad to make sure my design is responsive. Everything from my website shows up but the hero image. I Squished my Jpeg to see if smaller file would help and it didn’t.


@FlexBusinessDesigns @MaryOFA

Live Link, sorry!

If images aren’t loading, then chances are they’re probably hardcoded URLs to the images in the CSS files.

Right now, Local can only find and replace URLs on the page that’s being loaded. It can’t replace URLs in CSS/JS files.

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@clay yes my hero images aren’t showing on the live links on mobile devices but they do show up in the live links on a computer though what I don’t understand is why it shows up on my computer but on my mobile device they don’t show up the same thing that’s happening to @MaryOFA is happening to me too

They’re showing up on your computer because the URL that isn’t being replaced is your Local site URL which is only accessible from your computer.

You’ll run into the same issue if you try it on any other device other than the computer you are running Local on.

Are you using a theme builder of some type such as Divi, Beaver Builder, etc?

@clay yes I’m using a theme builder and also the live link

Can you share the name of it so I can try to reproduce this?

@clay Yes the theme builder is called elementor

Thanks! I am also using Elementor. -Mary

another elementor user here too. this is killing me lol

Unfortunately we do not have a solution for rewriting absolute URLs in static CSS/JS files at this time.

Considering this appears to be a common issue with Elementor, please forward this thread onto Elementor’s support. They should be able to work out a solution.

I apologize for not having a better answer!

So what should someone do about the images referenced in CSS? I recently imported a large site into local with hundreds of images that are referenced this way…

CORRECTION* It is actually js lazy load images that wont load… any suggestions?