Enable CORS

Hi, does anyone know how to activate cors on the local system? Thanks

Hi ClaudioPLG,

Would you mind providing a bit more detail about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you asking about Local’s server configuration or about CORS related to a specific site (like something you might use a plugin to for)?

Thanks for your patience!

Hi, we are developing the frontend part with sveltekit and would like to retrieve via api calls the info from our Wordpress.
Via local I cannot open the cors and therefore the calls do not work.
Have you experienced a similar problem?

Personally, I’ve never worked with SvelteKit, but any steps you can share about how to reproduce this would be helpful.

Are there any resources you can link to that may provide more detail about how your API calls are being handled? Would you mind sharing any screenshots or error messages that may help us to narrow down exactly what the issue is? Are you seeing errors in your site’s browser console?

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