View local on other devices

I am a noob, so please forgive. I searched, but possibly am not using the correct key words.

First off, I must say show my undying appreciation for this team. I started with MAMP, go it up and running really fast, but couldn’t log into my backend. Found out it has to do with SSL and I needed MAMP Pro. I wasted an entire day trying to get it to work and never could. I searched for alternatives and found LocalWP and had my site up and running in a couple minutes with access to the backend! Very impressed with your product! However, I didn’t find any apparent to support your team. Do you have a link?

My question: Nevermind. I found it right in front of me. ADHD can really suck.

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Hi there, welcome to the community! :wave:t3:

Thank you for those kind words about Local + the team.

I’m so happy to hear that Local is working for you (being able to create a site that quickly totally impressed me, too).

I’m happy you found the answer you were looking for - I’m going to go ahead and close this topic but do reach out in the forums again if you need help in the future.

All my best,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3: