Enable php-intl on Linux


I created a site and when checking the diagnostics section of Wordpress it indicates that the intl extension is missing. I read some posts here from the community but most of them dealt with this problem using MacOS and I’m using Mint(20.1 Cinnamon), a system based on Ubuntu. I need to enable intl, can anyone help?


Same problem on Linux KDE Neon (based on Ubuntu 20.04 stable) and Pop!_OS (based on Ubuntu 21.10) with Local on version 6.3.0.

With earlier versions of Local from the 6.2 branch, this error did not occur.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!!

Hi @null and @Seyerjo - thanks for using Local!

The notice on the WordPress diagnostics section is not related to a specific version of Local; instead, it has to do with an upgrade to WordPress itself. WordPress started recommending the intl extension for PHP with WordPress version 5.9, I believe. The notice is a suggestion rather than an error.

That said, it is something we intend to add. I am not familiar with an easy way to compile this yourself on Linux. I am going to work on merging related threads like this into a feature request so that the community can vote on it, and I will link this thread to our issue in the development team backlog. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer in the meantime.


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