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PHP Intl Support on MacOS

I know the team is working on this issue but I wanted to bump it along. It’s a little difficult for me to work in Local without the PHP Intl class. My application requires it, my production server supports it, but the class throws an error when I try to use it in Local.

This has been a longstanding issue with a lot of interest. A quick search pulls up almost a dozen threads:


The last reply was from @ben.turner about 6 months ago. Any updates?


I don’t have any further updates on this – it hasn’t been started due to the Local team doing a bunch of work around updating Electron to the latest version Local v5.10.4 as well as paying down technical debt in other parts of the Local codebase.

I agree that having Local sites be easier to configure is an important feature and I have made some additional comments on our internal bug tracker and will continue to advocate for making the process of compiling and configuring additional extensions easier.

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