Compile PHP with the `intl` extension

This is needed across all OS’s - MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

The PHP intl extension was added as a recommendation in WordPress 5.9 and now shows as an issue on the Site Health page for WordPress sites built with Local.

We are using a plugin that requires the use of NumberFormatter but it keeps erroring out since this extension isn’t enabled on Local. Works ok when hosted, but not for dev work.

I have been needing this since Day 1 and it has been on the table since at least December 2019 (How do I enable php-intl on Local? - 3.4k views at the time of writing). IMHO, as WordPress is an internationally supported software, it is absolutely necessary to support all developer’s needs, especially one that is so prevalent.

For now, I used DevKinsta, as it provides a similar ease of use, and lets you define PHP extensions per PHP Version (wink, wink @austinwendt ) - however, I would love to see Local implement a similar solution, so I can finally condense my local dev environments into one :kissing_heart:

I agree with you! Absolutely necessary, this is related to our PHP updates that are our focus for this quarter and will be included.

I’m curious - how does that work with DevKinsta? Could you share a screenshot of how you pick/choose those extensions?

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Certainly! Here is the settings page in DevKinsta:

Here, you can select the PHP Version and set / unset extensions as you see fit.

DevKinsta runs on docker with the following services / containers:

My guess is that the php-fpm container is configured based on the selected extensions.

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@austinwendt FYI: I found a related feature request, that describes the functionality that DevKinsta offers: PHP extensions management

Maybe we can consolidate this into one FR, although their scopes are different?

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This is perfect, I appreciate it! Definitely a lot of value in giving the user more control over these values. I’d like Local to be capable of something similar… TBD on what format that takes, but it is definitely on our minds as we fix this management of 3rd party services.


Hi all, good news - with the latest Local release (v6.4.3), Local supports the intl extension in all of the latest PHP versions (7.4, 8.0, 8.1)! Download the latest release and let us know how it looks, but you should be all set - Releases - Local

We’ll make sure that the intl extension is included in any future changes to our PHP versions as well.

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