Enabling the SOAP client in Local v6.4.2

Issue Summary

I have a project that requires using a booking engine API and wsdl and SOAP, but I am getting an internal 500 error because I need to install and enable to SOAP Client.

I was trying to ssh into the Virtual Machine using:
ssh -i ~/.docker/machine/machines/local-by-flywheel/id_rsa docker@ -p 50355
ssh -i ~/.docker/machine/machines/local-by-flywheel/id_rsa docker@local-by-flywheel -p 50355

but nothing worked.

Anyone know of a way to install and enable the SOAP client in Local?


Please understand Local has not used docker or virtualization since v3.x

OK, good to know. However, do you know how I can install and enable the SOAP client to work with Local? Or should I abandon Local and use something else for my local WordPress development (or at least this project)?

Well I wasn’t able to figure out how to enable the Soap client to work with Local, so I have have switched over to using Docker.

Hi @munts / @knsmunts -

Thank you for sharing what you ended up doing. Is there anything else we can support you with in the forums at this time?

Thank you!


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