Error 404 - Page not found - Semplice

My site goes straight to the homepage and when I click on the projects it goes to the URL normally, but if I need to copy the url and send it to someone it gives the error 404. Copying the project URL and paste in my google chrome or safari, do the same error.

Hi @eutomodisc - the URL you’re pasting (the one that is opened when you click “Open site”) is, I’m assuming? The site you’re building on Local (and that URL) is local to your computer; when you send it to others, they won’t be able to see it unless you have pushed the site to your host or are using our Live Links feature.

If you want to share your site with someone else, you can use the Live Links feature at the bottom of your screenshot and send that URL instead. Here is more info on the feature - Live Links - Local

thats what appear

I pushed my site twice, yesterdar. Nothing happens

Where are you pushing your site? And what URL are you sending?

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