Error "404"


I have installed a client’s website, which I administer, as a local website under Local on my Mac. I am currently relaunching it completely.

My client occasionally logs into my Mac with a live link to the edited local site.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work correctly and not only for him, sometimes the error message “404” appears in my browser instead of the local site.

The customer is now increasingly annoyed and I naturally want to eliminate this error message.

To do this, I have to deactivate and reactivate the live link, then the problem is usually solved. However, I am not always sitting in front of the computer when the customer is logging in.

How can this fault be rectified and eliminated?

I attach the Local log file. (16.8 KB)

Local Version 6.4.2+6012
Mac OS Sonoma 14.5

I have found a possible setting that may be responsible for the error.

The Local software did not have full hard disk access in the system settings of my Mac. I have now activated this.

Maybe this will solve the problem.

I am also checking my router to see if access to this Mac is somehow secured or blocked for certain accesses.

Hi @Thobie

We have some troubleshooting steps in our help article here for Live Links if helpful. In order to utilize Live Links however your machine needs to be running, with Local open, and the site Started. It’s meant to be a short term link shared for a quick check so if you need something that is going to remain up longer you might have to push it up to a demo. Flywheel has free 14 day demos if you want to utilize something like that.

I have already read this description. But unfortunately I can’t make sense of the troubleshooting live links.

If you’re not up to troubleshooting then it might be easier to just push your site up to a Demo.