All sites getting 502 Request Error

I have been using local for 6 months now after switching from VVV. Loving the experience thus far. Recently I have been experiencing issues with environment updates for preferred and custom environments not working. Not a big deal.

My problem comes when I was switching a site from preferred to custom today, it seems to have killed my locals routing. All of my sites now get a 502 Request error. I have looked in the logs as suggested and in the local router error log I am seeing 104: Connection reset by peer for all attempts to connect.

I have no idea where to start with this. Running local 2.3.2 on windows 10 with the latest version of VB installed.


So digging into this more it is only the sites using the custom config not the preferred. I am thinking that maybe something when awry when installing php?

I’m getting that 502 error on every site. When I reboot my computer (Mac) none of my sites are started, I have to manually start each one, and the first time I launch it I will get the 502 Request error. If I refresh it goes away and I can access it. This never used to happen until I reinstalled Local fresh on a new computer, then imported sites from another Local’s exported site files.

My issue seems to have been fixed in the latest update (2.3.3) it seems to have been an issue with the router container and the site compatibility. I know for me downgrading to 2.2.3 fixed the issue until 2.3.3 was released. Perhaps give one of those versions a go. Having said this I am on windows not Mac so I know docker runs a little differently so you might not be having the same issue.

Thanks for the input …

So I’ve updated to 2.3.3 and unfortunately it’s still the same issue.

  • I launch Local
  • None of the sites are started even though they were that way when i shut off my iMac
  • Launch a site, go to access it i get the 502 error
  • if I refresh it comes back and I can access it normally
  • if i exit out of Local or have to restart, the process starts again

FYI - most of these sites were created from another Mac using Local, and exporting to a zip file, then importing into this new iMac. A couple of them were brought down live from my Flywheel account. They all have the same behavior.

@clay any suggestions ?