Error establishing database connection, other errors

Hi there, I’ve been using Local for the past few days building a new site, all good, then today I try to open it up and get a Database Error. I stopped the site, which prompted an error related to the database, then restarted, and it gave another error

I closed and restarted the program, started the site, then when I click on “View Site” it says “Local Router Error”:

I restarted and got the same error.

Eventually it came up after multiple tries starting and restarting but I’m continuously having various issues. This time I open it up, click on a site, click “Start Site” then click on View Site or Admin and get a “This site can’t be reached” error in Chrome (latest version).

I did have an error window that popped up after starting it once that said something about a port already being in use.

Currently unable to work on or view any of these sites.

I have the latest version on Windows 10.

Thank you for any help.

Hi Chris,

I’m very sorry for the trouble!

Can you please check the logs folder for the sites you’re having trouble with? There may be some clues in either the PHP or MySQL error logs.

Also, feel free to zip up the logs folder and provide the zip here.

Thank you for the reply. Now I’m just constantly getting “This site can’t be reached” error (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) in Chrome, and same in FF.

I’m attaching the logs of both sites (they both have the same issues)

I tried deactivating my firewall as well, and no luck there.

Thanks again! (13.2 KB)

Here’s the other log file (it only let me attach one file for some reason. (26.0 KB)

Hi @clay any idea on what’s going on here? I tried again and again, and still the same issue, “This site can’t be reached”

Thank you

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flywheel (including VMbox) and still the same issue.

Hey @csburdick, thanks for including those logs. It’s odd that it seems like the db is in read-only. From the PHP error log it’s noting (Errcode: 30 - Read-only file system)

By chance have you rebooted during this process? (I know, I know "have you tried turning it off and on again)

I know by Win10 box got in a funky state after the update Microsoft has been pushing. I don’t have Local on that machine but maybe an additional reboot will knock some settings into place for read/write access again?

Hi @t-rave, thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve rebooted multiple times since I started having these issues. In fact I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Local, rebooted after that, etc, and still the same issue.


No help then. Alright.


So sorry for the wait on this!

At this point in time, is the primary issue still the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error?

If so, please browse to %AppData%\Local by Flywheel and delete the routes folder.

Once you do that, try restarting Local and then the sites you are having trouble with. If the issue persists, please provide the local-by-flywheel.log file again. This will give us more insight into the Local Router layer which looks like the culprit in your particular situation.

Still no luck, I’m afraid. Here’s the log for one of the (26.1 KB)


Any resolution to this? I’m experiencing the same issue.


You can try this :

thank you!

i used the resolution here and it worked.