Site does not work anymore. Error establishing a database connection

Having a problem. Yesterday everything worked fine but when i start to boot up my local enviroment today i get an error saying " Error establishing a database connection" on the page.

When i press “Database” and “Adminer” i get another error

Adminer Error

So i think there is something wrong with the database. Also when i stop the site it is taking a long time at the “export database” sequence and ends with an error: Error Message

Log File (4Kb i cleaned it up): local-by-flywheel.log (3.1 KB)

I restarted Virtual Machine - Still no luck. I hope i can retrieve somehow my work

Weird! When i press “Live Link” and go to the url the site work just great. Why is that?

Now everything works fine again. I feel stupid.

I have got that message when I wannt to get to my web site. I already relunch my local but is still the same probleme
Could someone help me ?

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Oh, hey Marc. haha

Ok, so the first problem was solved right?
About the 502 error, can you say what appears on the browser console and provide two log files?
The first log file is Local’s, if you need help finding it:

Also, apache/nginx log would be good. You can find it on your Local Sites folder, inside the folder of the site you’re having issues:
~/Local Sites/yoursite/logs/apache (grab the error.log file)
~/Local Sites/yoursite/logs/nginx (also the error.log file)

That way the community can help you further!