ERROR:https is not available when using the localhost Routing Mode

When I click on SSL, I get the message, “HTTPS is not available when using the localhost Routing Mode.” What does this mean? It’s not at all critical since I’m just getting started, but I’ll probably want to set up my WP sites with HTTPS some time, so I’d like to figure it out.

I can’t understand how to solve,even if I can know how to solve. Please teach me how to solve and including guidance.

It basically means that Local has no way of controlling the SSL certificate for your machine. Because of this, when using localhost Router Mode, you won’t be able to use HTTPS.

This is usually fine, and you’ll still be able to deploy a site and enable HTTPS for the live site. For most things, especially starting out with WordPress, you don’t need to use and develop HTTPS on your own machine.

For more details about what the Router Mode setting is, see this help doc:

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