Error importing site - Sorry, we couldn't figure out what to do with the file

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Hi, I’m unable to import existing site in Local. It either gets stuck on some percentage of import (this happens if i import backup made through cPanel), or when i try to import zip with WP migrate lite it gives me vague error " Sorry, we couldn’t figure out what to do with the file."

I have latest version of Local 7.1.0 running on windows 10, using only built in firewall which i disabled.


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    Windows 10

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local-lightning.log (37.3 KB)

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Hi @Boiica

There might be something in the file that is confusing Local. This could happen if there are like multiple site backups or database backups for example.

You could attempt a more manual import. The steps would look like this:

  • Unzip the file in a common location, like the desktop
  • Create a new, blank site in Local. Use whatever username/password you like since you’ll overwrite the DB with this site archive’s dump.
  • Copy the wp-content folder from the unzipped location to this newly created site’s location
  • Copy the correct SQL dump to the site root.
  • Within Local, open the site shell
  • Import the dump with wp db import <dumpfile>
  • If that works, now Search and replace the domains. wp search-replace ' ' 'http:mylocalsite.local'

Hi Nick,
i got stuck on importing SQL dump, in shell i get warning about php:

Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘php_imagick.dll’

and then error for import dump

Error: Failed to get current SQL modes. Reason: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10061)

Any ideas what can I do?



Are you using the Preferred settings to create your site or Custom ones when you set it up? What do you have set for WP/PHP/MYSQL/Server?

I’m using custom settings (closest one to my live site);
PHP 7.4.30, Apache 2.4.43, MariaDB 10.4.10.

If you change to NGINX does that work?

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