Error comes in Importing Site

I tried to backup my live WordPress site. I exported the full site through WP Migrate Lite, after downloading the file WinRAR ZIP archive (.zip) I started to import that file into Local I got a message “Error Importing Site: Sorry! we couldn’t figure out what to do with the import file provided. Please extract it manually.”

I am using Local version 6.7.0 on Windows 10 Pro.

Please help in this regard, guide me step by step with no step left. I am not an expert and new in developing my portfolio website. Thanks

Local log files are attached:
local-details.json (840 Bytes)

local-lightning.log (59.1 KB)

error.log (8.9 KB)

Hi Nick! Thanks for the reply.

I want a full site backup. Can I get full site backup if I do not select “Other Files and include things like extra full site or DB backups”? as you suggested.

Further, when I extract the zip file, the message box comes “WinRAR: Diagnostic messages - The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.”

Is there any other valid solution?

Hi @farrukh

You can create the full site backup with the plugin yes, but something inside of the site’s files is causing the import problems as far as getting it into Local. So what you could do as a workaround is take a more manual approach like this:

Once you have the site up and running you can transfer over any other files you need as well.

Regarding the specific error you received when trying to open the zip, I’m not very familiar with but this might help you further: How to Fix "the Archive Is Either in Unknown Format Or Damaged" [2023 Newest Guide]

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