Error installing Wordpress for given site

Every time I attempt to create a new site, it halts at “Installing Wordpress” and spits out an error message saying they were unable to install WP. The “Site” still gets created, but when I click “open file location” it’s an invalid target and the “local sites” folder is empty.

This happens for any site I attempt to create.

I am not able to create a new, plain WordPress site in Local and access it in a Browser.

Here’s some screenshots:

I am currently running Local Version 6.6.0+6231 on Windows 11.

Here’s the log:
local-lightning.log (16.8 KB)

You may be hitting a known Windows-specific bug with passwords that include non-alphanumeric characters. I suggest setting the initial password to something simple, and then changing it to the more complex one through the WP admin after the site has been created successfully.

This worked! However, you can’t even have spaces in the password.

I’m still wondering where my website files are, they apparently don’t exist as shown in the 2nd screenshot; Whenever i try to open “Go to site folder”, the folder doesn’t exist.

I figured out the folder problem. Problem was that the default directory was set to C:\admin\Local Sites, but the shortcut tried to access it via the non-admin user path (C:\Users\nonadmin\Local Sites). I simply changed the default directory in settings to the non-admin user file.


Great to hear. Glad that you’re back on your way again. Happy Monday!

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