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I have a picture with it.
I am building a website on a macbook without a domain. When I want to share local live link, or visit wp-admin I see an error message.

How do I resolve these errors?

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Based on the error message, it looks like might still be quarantined by macOS. I recommend moving Local to /Applications as an attempt to remove the quarantine flag.

Alternatively, you can run the following command (be sure to change out the path to where Local is) to try to remove that flag:

xattr -dr /PATH/TO/LOCAL/

Is it because I store usb on hdd than macbook storage itself?

It could be.

What all is on the USB drive? The local site, Local itself, or both?

program installed on macbook. On usb the website locally.

Got it!

Did the xattr command above help?

You might also want to run it on the site directory like so:

sudo xattr -r -d /Volumes/PATH/TO/SITE/FILES

Let’s try it now.
Where am I supposed to be? Which file should I open? Or something else?

Can anyone post an answer here?

Based off of your previous screenshots, you’ll want to try running the following command:

sudo xattr -r -d "/Volumes/AJ 1/Website lockaal"

How can I change this path url I don’t see any options for that?

I apologize, I don’t fully understand this question. Is there any possibility that you can reply in Dutch?

Also, do you see this issue if you create a new site in Local with the default path?

Have created a new one, see image.

Am I still being helped?

Am I still being helped?

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