Error on local

Error command failed

I can’t install another site with localwp and I get the message below and I don’t know how to go about it.

Steps to reproduce

Environment Info


  • Windows 10
  • i use (Nginx, PHP 8.1.23, MySQL 8.0.16)
  • I have version 6.4.2 of local

Supporting info

Hey @clementine – Welcome to the Local community!

That error seems to indicate that a file that Local needs is missing, preventing Local from creating the site.

A couple of things to check:

  • The 6.4.2 version of Local is fairly old. You might try upgrading to the latest version of Local and trying again. You can find a list of Local releases and the changelog here: Releases - Local

  • If you still have issues after upgrading, check to see if any antivirus is installed, and possibly preventing Local from accessing that file.

If things are still not working for you after that, can provide the Local Logs? You can get a zip of those logs by clicking the “Download Local Log” button from the “Support” tab of Local. See this help doc for more information: