Urgent: Failed to install WordPress on Local (Windows)


I am having a major issue with Local (v5.10.4+5377) on Windows 10 Home (v10.0.19041 Build 19041).

I have many sites already, but all-of-a-sudden I can no longer create new sites.

Every time I try, I get the following error. I have tried various times on Preferred and Custom settings, tried restarting machine etc. but nothing works.

I have seen other people report this previously, but no solution works. I have tried unzipping the wordpress.tar.gz file in the app directory.


Please can you help as soon as possible?

Thank you!


Hey @elliottmangham

Have you tried downloading and manually installing the latest version of Local?

Also, in one of the topics you link to, then mention there was an issue with using a space within the username or password of the WordPress site. Do either of those things apply to you?

Hey @elliottmangham – were you able to get things fixed?

One other thing that comes to mind from that error is that it appears that a file that Local is expecting isn’t available to it.

It’s possible that a recent update to Windows has changed the environment, or maybe some sort of antivirus has quarantined the file so that Local can’t access it.

Hey @ben.turner,

So sorry for the delay, it somehow worked but now I am starting another project I just cannot get it to create a site. I’ve tried on Apache and Nginx.

Here is the Log you requested:-
local-lightning.log (992.2 KB)

I can confirm that I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Local but no luck. I don’t have any antivirus either I’m afraid.


Oops, seems I told a lie! I had Avast installed. After uninstalling that, uninstalling and reinstalling Local (again) it is now seemingly working again!


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