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Extend Local Connect

Any documentation to reference on extending Local Connect? If we wanted to integrate another hosting provider how could we integrate this directly into the Connect UI/UX?

Hi there! For now, Local Connect only works with Flywheel and WP Engine but there are other workarounds for getting your site files to other hosts like using a migration plugin, SSH, SFTP, etc.

Thanks @Nick-B I understand that Connect only works with FlyWheel and WP Engine, and am well aware of the other processes for getting sites to hosts however I’d like to build similar Connect functionality to my host. I have the API endpoints from them required the point I am at now is if I can integrate this functionality directly into the Connect UI/UX through my addon or if I need to integrate my own UI/UX? I didn’t see much documentation regarding the connect functionality anywhere.

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Hi @dsnid3r! Thank you for the clarification. Right now we don’t have any documentation to provide for this. We have added a Connect Hosts category for users to submit feature requests with details about their specific host they’d like to see as a Connect option down the road.
More details about that here:

And you can see a list of previously submitted host suggestions here: