Extremely slow loading sites

For the past few months, my Local app has been causing local sites to run extremely slow. I can’t remember which update this may date back to be it’s been 3-6 months.

When I launch any site it takes 10-30 seconds to load any page - frontend and admin

MacOS Mojave v10.14.4
Local v3.3.0

Faster Docker Volumes is ON.

The slowest parts of the site are database intensive tasks like logging into wp-admin, updating plugins, themes, core, and loading admin pages. Frontend pages are still slow but not as bad.

Bump - Anyone?

Hey @jinsley8, sorry for the delay and thanks for bumping your post.

Local version 3.x uses VirtualBox to run the site environments. It could be that VB is running low on resources. It might be worth trying to open up the VM settings there and bump up memory/processor resources.

Alternatively, you the beta versions of Local may offer better performance without having to mess with VirtualBox anymore. Local 5.x runs without a VM so there’s a lot of performance benefits to it: