30 seconds to first byte when loading all local sites

For the past 2-3 months, Local has had sporadic issues with extremely slow load times. Prior to this all sites ran at full speed, but once this issue began appearing I began needing to take various actions to get site speed back to where it should be - switching router mode, cloning the site I needed to work on, restarting Local and my machine, etc. This occasionally worked, but I can’t pinpoint what action actually helped or why.

As of this week, these issues have become unavoidable. No matter what I do or which version of Local I use, sites do not even begin to load before 30-31 seconds have passed. Chrome reports that it doesn’t receive a single byte from any given page before that point, but once it does, all subsequent data loads in quick succession shortly after (.1 - .2 seconds; what I’d normally expect from Local for total page load times).

This issue occurs with sites of any size, and I’m confident it is not in any way a traditional performance issue. I kindly ask that you don’t give me suggestions about boosting site performance or about speeding up my Wordpress site, as those are not at all relevant to my underlying issue. Others at my organization are experiencing this exact issue, we all use similar hardware so that may be where the problem lies, but that’s ultimately just a guess.

My productivity with all things having to do with Local has ground to a halt, so this is a pretty urgent issue. Any advice you can give, as quick as possible, is appreciated.

I’m using Local Version 9.0.3+6684 on an M2 2023 Mac mini.

Are all of you sharing an office network? Or if you’re all working remotely do you have to utilize any kind of VPN or shared security/firewall applications?

When you’re noticing these slow load times, does the Local app seem slow or sluggish? Do you notice delays in navigating your Wordpress dashboard? Does your entire machine bog down?

Thanks for responding. Yes, we all use the same network - however we did just swap out all of our networking equipment when we moved offices, and this issue has been persistent between both networks/locations. It began prior to moving, and has seemingly gotten worse since moving. We don’t utilize VPNs or auxiliary firewalls or other security applications. Turning my WiFi off, now that you mention it, does bring Local sites back up to the speed you’d expect, and turning it back on slows it back down. Stumped as to what the underlying issue might be with that in mind.

The Local app itself seems to work just as always, assuming you’re talking about app and UI speed and things like that. No issues there. My machine is running fine as well.

So, through the process of elimination here, it does sound like it’s related specifically to the network connection since your machine and Local app are both working normally. The issue is only present when you’re testing these sites over the network.

It might be that the actual WiFi hardware is throttling the connection or it could be even related to your ISP provider implementing their own filtering. This would be a bit beyond our scope to advise on, but if your office employs an IT professional, you could ask them to check over these things. You could also check with your ISP provider too to see if they are able to come test the hardware/connection as well.