Local Site very slow on MAC

The site is unusably slow on both dashboard and frontend pages.

This is at such a level it can take minutes for a page to load. I have 10 sites on local but am only running one. Until recently it’s loaded in an acceptable amount of time.

All my sites are running slowly, even exceptionally small ones which were built to be speedy.

I have tried all the steps as outlined on the page Troubleshoot: Performance Issues - Local

  • renaming the site suffix
  • remaming the website
  • increasing the memory limits etc and other PHP vars
  • XDebug is not in use

I’ve also looked at this on the forums and seen several unanswered similar questions.

What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc

This is consistently reproducible. A machine restart has no effect.

System Details

  • Local Version: Version 9.0.3+6684
  • MAC Monteray 12.7.4 (21H1123):

Local Logs


Hi @nimja

Is there any slowness in the Local app or on your desktop? Or is it solely when working on your sites?

Are you using an office/work network or a VPN?

I work from home, no VPN.

There is no slowness in the local app or in the machine in general.

Have you done any debugging on the site?

Usually when troubleshooting performance issues on a site like this we’d try:

  • Disabling all plugins, if the speed returns then enable them back one a time until it slows again

  • Try swapping out the theme

  • Use a debugging tool like Query Monitor or Server IP and Memory Usage to see what is contributing to the site’s load.

Its happening on all sites that I have on local, including very minimal ones.

Do you have all of these sites running at the same time? Even though some are very minimal do you have a site that’s running that’s overly large? Maybe one with a giant media library or bloated DB?

The one I’m testing is large and is the only one running. I’ve been making some changes over the last couple of months, but it’s when I’ve opened it back up today that it’s as slow - and I’ve not changed anything on the site in the interim.

I am currently trying to disable the plugins I can and update the ones that are out of date but its a painful process with the site being so slow!

In fact it does seem to have improved a little with deleting some of the plugins that I can do without but it’s still not amazing. Ill try that plugin for memory usage and see if tat highlights anything.

I would recommend making sure any plugins that are inactive or no longer needed on the site are deactivated and deleted. Not only can this slow the site down, but it poses a security risk when a site is live as malicious content can enter the site through plugins that are inactive.

Always keeping themes and plugins up-to-date ensures security as well as site performance, as updates address any bugs that may have been found in themes and plugins. So all available updates should also be run through.

Plugins are great additions to a site but each one starts to shape the site a bit differently and will require resources to make them function properly. There’s no exact formula to this but when you have a large number of plugins, the site can sail into some rough waters as they fight for resources. Each plugin developer has their own way of coding as well, which can easily cause conflicts with others.

Bringing everything up to date and removing what is no longer needed would help eliminate potential sources of trouble.

There’s no frivolous plugins, just a few that I don’t need for testing a particular modification - this site is highly tuned and maintained. They’re not drastically out of date either, just a month’s worth of upgrades. However, there were a few I had deactivated for the local environment, which I have now deleted and that does seem to have improved things again.

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I’m glad to hear that @nimja! Thank you for the follow up.