Fail to install WordPress via newly installed Local *2022*

Hello community, :wave: yesterday I installed the latest version of “LOCALWP” and everything went very well.

I created my first project in “LOCALWP” using the default configuration of the program:

[Database: MySQL 8.0.16, PHP v7.41, Web Server: ngnix] - this would be the default configuration.

I set out to create my second project a few minutes later, using the default configuration and got an ERROR.

- (screenshot of the problem)


- I investigated in the community: (links)

I must say that the solution to this problem, in my case was to use APACHE.
And it works fine.

[my reason for this contribution.]
I write to the community to test my solution … but the real solution is for the LOCALWP TEAM to solve all the problems that “localwp” may have before implementing new things to the program.

In my opinion it is the best program at the moment… but some important things need to be fixed. Apparently according to the community it may have other problems like MySQL and if it is as they say, then it may be something serious.

Please fix the current problems as soon as possible. Among them the compatibility, it seems that the current version is not compatible with projects created in other versions. (I do not know if it is true, but check this possible problem) in my case I am new in the community and with the LOCALWP program.

Greetings to all the community.
Happy day. :muscle: :grin:

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