WordPress Installation Failed please help

hey, i have tried to install, unistall, reinstall local for the last 2 days to fix the issue when i try to create a new site it says wordpress has failed to be installed how do i fix this?

Same problem. Failure to install Wordpress. I get the attached error when trying to create a new site. Older version of local have always worked just fine for me. I’m going back to legacy for now, even though can’t push to WPEngine directly.

thats the same thing that happend to me but on windows
i tried doing these methods but still nothing worked for me

i’ll send them to you maybe they’ll help you out

here’s a link to a similar chat: Windows Issue: Local's router is having trouble starting

and here’s a link to an article resource:

hope it helps

Try using the older version, the new version has so many bugs - it was a bad release :frowning:

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