Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function nocache_headers()

I have been seeing some issues running Local by Flywheel version 2.3.0.

I deactivated most of my plugins on the local dev site to troubleshoot a plugin conflict between Yoast SEO 7.4.2 and All in One WP Migration 6.6.7 (on the local site, the All in One export will not complete with Yoast active but it works on the live site using the same plugin versions). I’m not sure why this issue only exists on the local version of the site. The ServMask team can’t replicate the issue on their end.

I then tried reactivating the rest of my plugins (about 19 of them) all at once and I get this error now:

After doing some research, it appears that my local wp-config.php file has been wiped clean (the file is empty and has a file size of zero bytes). I did do an export last night using All in One WP so the site is backed up. I think that restoring the wp-config.php file should allow the site to come back up locally. This is the second time that reactivating multiple plugins in Local has caused this to happen for me. This issue never happens on the live server. Any ideas as to what could be causing this locally?

Thank you.

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please try going to Preferences » Advanced and toggle Faster Docker Volumes? If the issue persists, go to Help » Restart Local’s machine.