Feature request, re version #

Can the current version number please be viewable somewhere ?
(perhaps it is, but I have never seen it?)

And what is the deal with auto update ?

Cheers, Dave

Hey Dave,

Are you on macOS or Windows? If you’re on macOS you can see the version number in Finder when you click on Local. You can also see it by going to Local by Flywheel » About Local.

If you’re on Windows it’s a little harder to see the version and we’re aware of this. We’re going to be adding a new about page that’s shared between macOS and Windows.

Also, can you please elaborate on “And what is the deal with auto update ?”

Are you having issues with the auto-updater?

Thanks Clay - I’m on WIndows :slight_smile:

Re the auto updated - I’ve read here that there is an auto update, but unsure if it has ever done it.
Hence the request for the version number to be displayed somewhere.
Is there some mechanism for it - manually, or does it just happen with some notification…

Also today I un-installed my current version 2.07, uninstalled the Virtual Box, restarted (W10Pro), installed 2.08, but it just hung on the third task in the window (sorry I forget which is it - local image?)
Any thoughts on what to do next?

Cheers, Dave

+1 for this.

I can’t think of a single piece of software I’ve ever installed where you couldn’t go to help>about and see the version #.

Like Bung55, I just wanted to see if I’m using the latest version, and I"m not sure?? Using Windows 10.

How about a “Check for Updates” or listing the version # and some text “you are using the most current version”


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